The Woodinville Lacrosse Club, established in 2010 is dedicated to promoting lacrosse by providing our student athletes the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and develop their skills while fielding competitive teams and honoring the game.


Woodinville Boys Lacrosse goals include producing student/athletes who have developed a passion for lacrosse.  Students will find they have opportunities to play in college.  There are many opportunities available to play for MCLA, D3, D2, & D1 teams.  


Academics - Players should always strive for excellence in the classroom, and our sport should be used as a tool to assist you in getting into a great college experience. Interested coaches will look for players with top tier academic standings.   (Think 3.5gpa and up.)  


Scholarship money reality - There are roughly 140-150 scholarships out there on any given year for DI prospects. The brutal truth is if you get ANY money for playing, you are doing well. Academic scholarships, grants, etc. should be your focus.


The meaning of a letter or phone call - Letters don’t mean much, handwritten letters mean more, but understand that coaches are recruiting an “A” list as well as a “B” and “C” list. If they ask you to call, it is much more meaningful. 


Do they really want me?- Tell a school you want to commit and you can have a spot and see what they say. If they act quickly, they want you; if they hedge, they have other players in mind. 


How do I talk about money?- Explain that money will be a factor if it will be so no one wastes time if money is not available. Bring up the conversation, but be careful not to dwell on it as it can be a turn off. 


Highlight tapes - Send them out. Coaches can decide in 30 seconds if they are interested. Remember your audience if/when selecting music for video. Use footage from your HUDL account. 


Recruiting services -  Use them. if you can't make your own highlight video and don't want to do the work yourself.