The Woodinville Lacrosse Club, established in 2010 is dedicated to promoting lacrosse by providing our student athletes the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and develop their skills while fielding competitive teams and honoring the game.


Attending practices and games is a critical component for a successful lacrosse team.  
This policy clarifies, for the upcoming year, WL expectations regarding player participation. These expectations are also included in the WL Code of Conduct.  Attendance will be taken at games and practices scheduled by coaches, and playing time in games may be diminished for those players that fail to attend these events.


Participation in other sports Woodinville Boys Lacrosse knows and, understands that several winter sports can continue into the start of the lacrosse season.  All our coaches will be accommodating to a player’s participation in these prior commitments as winter sports complete their seasons. We simply ask you get ahead of any conflicts and communicate with the Head Coach of your team in writing at your earliest convenience.  We request that a player commits to lacrosse as their only spring team sport, once winter sports have concluded. 

Other activities We recognize that most children have multiple interests and time commitments outside of sports.  Activities such as special family functions, scholastic events, band concerts, or tryouts for fall sports are a normal and we ask that you communicate these to Coach in writing at your earliest convenience. Routine activities such as homework, scheduled music lessons, non-emergency medical appointments, etc. should be arranged to avoid absences from practices or games. Playing time during the game of the week in which the absence occurs may be diminished at coach’s discretion. 

Coaches Contact It is expected that the team coach will be notified by the parents / player of any absence. Our coaches are all volunteers who take time away from their business and personal lives to provide a positive experience for all of our children. Please respect this and contact them when you will be absent.

Car Pools 
Carpooling is encouraged. If your child’s attendance at practices/games is dependent on a carpool, it is the parent’s obligation to make arrangements for that car pool.

Special Concerns Nothing in Woodinville Boys Lacrosse expectations regarding participation is intended to limit participation of youth with special needs or medical conditions. If your child has any special need or medical condition that may limit his ability to attend practice or games, please advise us when you register so that we can make appropriate adjustments to insure the most positive experience for everyone.