The Woodinville Lacrosse Club, established in 2010 is dedicated to promoting lacrosse by providing our student athletes the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and develop their skills while fielding competitive teams and honoring the game.

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Give Some Time

Like any volunteer-run organization, Woodinville Lacrosse would not be able to support our athletes without our wonderful volunteers.  We have many options to fit your schedule and interest, please consider one of the following ways to give your time.

  • Team parent:  in order to allow the coaches to focus on planning for practices and games, we ask that a parent help with the back-end organization.  Sending out communications and acting as an interface between the team and the coach can be invaluable to our volunteer coaches.
  • Game Volunteers.  Want to learn more about the game, and be involved at the same time?  There are some positions that our Club must have filled at every game. Training will be provided, here are the options:
    • Timekeeper: Keep account of time of each period; start and stop the clock when the official sounds the whistle, and at the end of each period. Notify the scorer as to the time of each score, an the time of each penalty.  Sound the horn at the end of each period, and as requested for substitutions during the game. Shout out 2 minutes remaining in the game, and other time intervals as requested by the referee.
    • Penalty Timekeeper (optional): Keep account of penalty time (this can be done by the timekeeper on the LaxClock, but is sometimes done separately).  Inform the penalized players when the penalty time has expired.
    • Spotter: Assist the scorekeeper by announcing the goals scored and assists, and by which player.  Announce other stats and the play of the game to the scorekeeper.
    • Scorekeeper:Record in the team scorebook the number of goals scored and assists made by each team, the name and number of the player making the core or the assist, and check the score with the referee at the end of each period.Keep a record of the number of time-outs taken by each team and notify the officials if either team exceeds the maximum number allowed. Keep a record of the name and number of each player to whom a penalty is assessed, the type of violation, the time of the period when the foul occurred and the duration of the penalty. Notify the official if a player fouls out. (tracking other stats such as ground balls, face-off win/loss, goalie saves, clears, etc. is optional, as requested by coach and as time allows).
  • Wine Club Social Volunteer: once a year before the games start, the Club puts on social event to help parents get to know each other, learn about the club's goals for the year & get excited about the season to come, and learn about the fundraising activities and how you can support the club. Whether you have time to help run the event or just bring an appetizer or staff the registration table, your time will be very appreciated

If any of these sound of interest to you, please contact the Webmaster or your coach and we will put in you in touch with the volunteer coordinator.  Our Club would not be so strong without our great parents: thank you for all you do!