The Woodinville Lacrosse Club, established in 2010 is dedicated to promoting lacrosse by providing our student athletes the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and develop their skills while fielding competitive teams and honoring the game.

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Woodinville Lacrosse Mission Statement


Mission Statement
Woodinville Boys Lacrosse is dedicated to promoting lacrosse K-12.  Our focus is creating a positive, balanced, atmosphere of sportsmanship, character, discipline, perseverance, team spirit, fun for students, coaches & our community.\


Association Goals
The purpose of the Woodinville Boys Lacrosse is to promote & support lacrosse in Woodinville, in an atmosphere that is consistent with the educational philosophy of the school community. We encourage & support teamwork, discipline & respect for others that comes from participating in athletic competition. We provide financial support for the additional athletic training of our players, coaches, & for the auxiliary equipment that benefits our lacrosse teams. In order to facilitate this, Woodinville Boys Lacrosse will organize social and fundraising events for players, coaches & families throughout the year. We promote enthusiastic & positive behavior at lacrosse games, which upholds the highest standards of spirit & sportsmanship. We will also act as liaison between the lacrosse teams, coaches, parents, school administration & the general public.


Team Goals 
1. Have Fun -enjoy your team & the sport.
2. Honor the Game –respect your team, opponents, & officials

3. Team Work -make friends & bond with kids from several schools.
4. Represent -practice how you would compete, give your team your full focus & effort.
5. Compete -with yourself, your team & your opponents to perform at your highest level.
6. Details -be passionate about your sport, love the FUN-damentals


Pathway to Success

  1. Adhere to Spring in season GELL & WHSBLA play for rule
  2. Adhere to Spring program commitment of 2 tournaments with season ending 3rd week of June. 
  3. Adhere to Fall program commitment of WA LOVE & SPACE NEEDLE SHOOTOUT. The exception would be a player who has a direct conflict with an in-season, non-lacrosse sport 
  4. Ask that you use ONLY the Summer months of July-August for travel lacrosse experience to avoid conflicts. 
  5. Converse with coaches on what the best fit for your player is with camps, clinics, travel experiences before tryouts or registration.
  6. Work together with Woodinville Boys Lacrosse to ensure the best experience for EVERYONE 
  7. Following the pathway to success will lead to more unique opportunities for teams at all levels & a deeper commitment to achieve greatness at the H.S. level